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Wordpress blog development for Aussie Home Loans

We've just helped Aussie launch their new Wordpress blog. Find out what we did and the other web development services we fulfill for them ...

Is a static website a good option for your website?

you’re not a web designer or a web developer then it’s difficult to know what type of website you need. Or rather what technologies and platforms you should use to achieve the ...

What website is best for me?

So, you need a new website. You’ve looked around and received a few quotes but they’re all proposing different solutions.

Best free way to crop and edit images for your blog and website

If you don’t have Photoshop, or are frustrated trying to crop your images using outdated software, then fear not. There is a free solution and it comes from ...

Growth Hacking Resources for those getting started

We work with a lot of startups and one of the biggest issues they face is marketing and distribution on a shoestring budget. The only way for startups to survive, when there is $0 in the advertising budget, is to ...

Know exactly what your users are doing on your website

User testing is an important part of understanding how clients or customers use your website. Understanding exactly how users interact with your website is invaluable. Having this information gives you the tools to ...

Simplifying your website – a minimalist approach to great user experience

Keeping things simple, when it comes to designing a website or application, isn’t always straightforward. However, when it comes to the user interface on your website it’s important to focus on the essentials to deliver a great user experience.

Startup Product development – Working backwards to move forward quickly

Tech startups have exploded over the past few years and like thousands of other entrepreneurs you might have an idea for the next big online thing. But how do you get started and what is the first step you’ll take in product development?

My top 3 WordPress SEO plugins recommendations

There are literally hundreds of plugins out there for WordPress SEO. Each have their own ups and downs and some people have a personal preference. If you’re not sure what to use or are new to SEO on your WordPress website then using these 3 SEO plugins will give you a great head start in creating a search engine friendly website or blog.

Bigcommerce we’re part of the family

As part of the Bigcommerce Partner Program we’re able to offer eCommerce websites developed on the fastest growing e-commerce platform in the world.

Are you wasting marketing budget chasing Facebook Likes?

Only 16% of your Facebook Page fans see your posts. Most marketers are horrified when they hear that statistic. If 16% concerns you, how about 2% or 3%?

Search Engine Marketing (Adwords) for eCommerce online stores

Many eCommerce website owners turn to Search Engine Marketing using Google’s Adwords, which can be quite daunting if you’ve never used it before. After all there are many options available to advertisers using Adwords and the chance of wasting valuable budget or paying too much per click is a real threat ...

Offshore Web Development Is It Right For You?

Should you, as an Australian startup or business, outsource web design & web development offshore?

WordPress Theme Customisation What You Need to Know

So, you need a new website but you are on a limited budget. Regardless of the budget you want a great looking website that just works. Sounds fair enough but is it a realistic expectation? A great solution to getting a great looking website with advanced user interface (UI) design features is to purchase an existing WordPress theme and customise ...

Developing Android Apps in a fragmented environment

Developing apps for Android isn’t straightforward, after all it’s a fragmented environment ...

What to do when advertising with Google Adwords just doesn’t work

Isn’t Google Adwords the most perfect form of advertising and shouldn’t it work for everyone? The answer is ...

Recognise Journey website development

We’ve recently completed another website development project for Sydney based Recognise. The website, for their Journey To Recognition campaign, went live in ...

Facebook Competition Development for Aussie Home Loans

We’ve just completed a Facebook competition development project for Aussie Home Loans. The Facebook app, titled Australia’s Smartest Online Shopper, is a ...

15 SEO tips that are easy to implement

A guide to SEO with some tips and tricks for any Australian website. This SEO list and the infographic that follows offer the ...

The Facebook business page conundrum

Did you know that only 16% of your Facebook fans see your posts? Most of us have used Facebook for many years now and ...

Mobile Website Design & Development for Recognise

We’ve just completed work on the Recognise website and mobile website to coincide with their rebrand. The project included ...

Changing A Facebook page name and Facebook username

We’ve recently worked with a client who has gone through a name change and re-branding exercise. We gave their website a refresh, developed an optimised mobile website, designed a Shopify theme for them and helped update their Facebook, Twitter and Youtube pages. Everything ran smoothly until we got to Facebook ...

Responsive website development and mobile optimised websites

If you’ve made 2013 the year to focus on your mobile strategy (what took you so long?) or you’re about to embark on a new website development project then you should know that you have two options when it comes to your website and mobile devices ...

Website development and all things digital A 2012 Review

What a ride 2012 was. This 2012 review is for our clients and future clients to find out more about Echo Communications and the website development services we offer, as well as ...

The SEO Trap

Search Engine Optimisation has become big business. In fact a recent Forrester forecast suggests SEO will be a $2.2 billion industry by 2016. For such a big industry it’s crazy that it is still cloaked in mystery, but it makes sense then that almost all companies offering ‘web’ or ‘digital’ services offer SEO services too. BEWARE!

What does a website cost?

What does a website cost? It sounds like a silly question and is often responded to with ‘what does a car cost?’ or ‘how long is a piece of string?’. However, knowing what a fair price for a website** is can be difficult if you’re unsure of what is involved.

Colour psychology in website design

We love a good infographic at Echo Communications and we love web design. So when we came across this one about colour psychology in website design we thought it’s only fair to share it.

Web development tech speak scares me I just need a great website

Does web development tech speak scare you? We often get asked by potential clients about different programming languages. This usually starts when I say something like ...

Mobile and web landing page for Recognise

If you watched the ARIA’s last night you may have seen the letter ‘R’ and the word ‘Recognise’ on more than a few t-shirts. We’re proud to have been involved with the launch of Recognise.

Facebook’s Edgerank and reaching your fans

Did you know that when you post something to your company’s Facebook page that your post is only reaching about 16% of your fans?

Web Development for Australian Startups

As web developers in Sydney, we’ve been swept up in the excitement surrounding tech startups and the ‘Silicon Beach’ movement ...

User Interface design and Microwaves

What has this got to do with user interface design? Well ...

Mobile Websites and the proof that Australian businesses need them

What happens when a visitor to your website visits from a mobile phone? Do they get re-directed to a version of your **website** that is optimised for viewing on a mobile phone or do you re-direct users to your new mobile App the way Linkedin does?

The best time to tweet and post to Facebook

This is a question I get asked all the time. When is the best time to tweet or post to Facebook to ensure high click-through’s? Let’s start with some recent research conducted by url shortening service

Digital Strategy for Affluent Travellers Infographic

We’ve recently conducted research in to digital strategy and digital marketing when trying to reach affluent travellers. This infographic is a summary of ...

Online Image Moderation

We’ve recently been working on a new **App** concept, which we think would turn in to a really interesting business, but we ran in to the very common problem of online image moderation.

Developing Apps for China

The rising Chinese middle class will have as big an impact on the world than the internet has ...

Mobile Strategy and Being Mobile Ready

Do you have a mobile website? A mobile App? A mobile strategy?

Mobile Website Development using JQuery

The mobile website was developed using JQuery and the ...

Our latest iPad App

iPad App with marketing appeal ...

Viral Competition with a social twist

We launched a viral competition for GenerationOne called +3 that is spreading across Australia.

Mobile Optimised Website vs Native App

Mobile Optimised Website vs Native App. Which suits your mobile strategy the best?

The importance of mobile optimised websites

Is your website optimised for mobile browsing? If it isn’t, then you’re in good company or should we say bad company. 4 out of 5 Australian do not have mobile optimised websites for browsing from smartphones, yet we’re second in the world for smartphone penetration.

App Development New Releases

Download some of the free Apps we’ve recently developed:

App and mobile website development Sydney

The number of internet users accessing the web from tablet and mobile browsers continues to grow at an ever increasing rate. More people access the internet from mobile phones than ever before. If your website isn’t optimised for use on a smartphone then you’re missing an opportunity.

YouMeUnity is live

We’re glad to have been involved in the website design, website development, social media customisation and video production for YouMeunity along with ...

Youtube Masthead

Up until last night we had done everything in this business, except for a Youtube Masthead.

National Roadblock - GenerationOne

We’re proud and privileged to have been a part of the historic GenerationOne Media Roadblock that occurred on Sunday 24 October.

Competition Microsite a hit

The competition microsite that we developed for the GenerationOne/Australian School of the performing Arts School Song Competition has been a huge success with over ...

Website Development - GenerationOne

Recent work ...

New website live - GenerationOne

Recent work ...

Competition Microsite - latest work

Recent work ...

Web development internship opportunity for an Indigenous Australian

Internship for Indigenous web developer ...

Grade your Twitter and LinkedIn accounts

I recently wrote about about a tool to grade your websiteand had a huge response to the post. Because you all found this so helpful I thought I’d tell you about this companies other grading tools.

Grade your website

When pitching or quoting on a new website design I’m often asked “what do you think of our current website”.

When last did you test your website?

I’ve previously written about the new cost effective methods of getting research done quickly (ie:twtpoll) ...

website strategy

There are so many useful, and cost effective, tools to improve your website strategy the problem now comes in deciding what to use and what is important.

Social Media Marketing Campaigns

These days you can find hosted solutions to just about anything, and Social Media Marketing Campaigns are no different thanks to a new system called Wildfireapp. website tool

I’ve been following a product called Retargeter for a couple of weeks now ...

Outdoor Projection Sydney Opera House

I came up with this idea for the launch of GenerationOne while ...

Experiential Marketing - GenerationOne projection

Recent work ...

outdoor Projection

Recent work ...